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about 'remy' the man

Heralding from Sicily, Remy first exhibited his natural talents whilst being an apprentice with maestro Di Lucca.  Remy continued with Di Lucca in Milan, before moving to Carita in Paris. By the late '60s England began to emerge as the hair fashion capital, and so Remy knew that this is where he must go to further his career.


In the UK, Remy worked with companies Vidal Sassoon and Leonard before teaming up with 3 fellow hairdressers to open a beautiful salon; Capelli.


By the late '70s Remy began an association with the Mascolo Brothers by opening a new salon named "Remy, Toni & Guy" which although was very successful, a few years later Remy decided to follow his own path.


Remy soon established himself as one of the most respected names in the industry with his work influencing many of the trends in hair fashion.


The "Remy Team" present these new techniques and styles by appearing on the world stages (Europe, USA Japan and beyond) demonstrating their hair fashion collections in front of sold out venues.


Remy was also honoured to take part in the World Hairdressing Congress, which took place at the Albert Hall.


Remy was presented with the "Princess Carlotta Award" for his contribution to the industry, and holds the Freedom Of The City" granted for artistic contribution from the cities of Florence & Milan.


These events and lectures gave Remy the opportunity to show a glimpse into his new techniques, and an outstanding example of this balance of Avante-Garde and the commercial style: e.g. the Razor Cut, which was re-launched with a new slant resulting in free stokes that didn't damage the hair, Channel Cut, the Crest, the Pixie collections, Alternative Bob, Weave, in fact the list is endless, and helped create the framework on which many hairdressers across the world would later base their training.


Remy later opened more salons in Leicester, Nottingham and Duke Street, London.


Remy also opened two hair education schools with Vidal Sassoon (London & Leicester).


The industry recognised Remy's achievements, and was the first Italian to hold the coveted post of Artistic Director of lntercoiffure and twice winner at the British Hair Awards.

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