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Leicester was a city that was blooming with new business and creative opportunities, and so Remy knew this was where he had to be to further his career.

Remy originally set up Remy Hair Salon with the Mascolo Brothers, who later went on to form TONI&GUY. The Mascolo Brothers were already establishing themselves, however, Remy saw a new future and so together they opened their first salon in Leicester as 'Remy, TONI & GUY' on Belvoir Street. Although the salon was very successful, a few years later Remy decided to take his own path.

Remy's legacy will continue and can never be forgotten. Remy’s dedicated, intense training regime, which must be completed before being allowed onto the salon floor, has been filtered down to the entire “Remy Team” to ensure the client the best standard of hair care in order to achieve an image which both expresses the client’s personality and flatters their appearance.

One-half of the new management duo, Director Sho Barber (yes, that is his real surname!), has worked under the close guidance of Remy for over 17 years and has graced many international stages alongside Remy at his infamous hair seminars, thus cementing Sho’s knowledge of hair. 

The other half of the management team is Marc Fuccio (Remy’s son/ Director at Remy), who is now a regular face at the salon since taking over the general running of the salon after the sad passing of his father.

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